Thursday, May 22, 2008

Spring has sprung

I was out running today at lake Harriet and purposefully brought my camera to capture the amazing sites.  I'm not sure if I haven't noticed before or if the trees are just putting on a better show this year, but WOW!  If you get a chance, I recommend heading over there to see the trees in full bloom. 

The fountains are also finally up and running, so I guess that means the gardeners think we are in the clear in terms of frost.  In that case, bring on the rest of spring and then the summer!


As you can see, I hired a new helper to keep the squirrels out of the porch area.  It appears Trinny is taking her union 30 minute break even though I believe she just finished her union 15.  So much for hiring good help!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Squirrel Jerks!

One of my favorite times of the year is going to the greenhouse with CJ to pick out flowers for the porch.  This year was no exception.  We went last week and picked out exactly what we wanted, got home and planted like crazy and then were thrilled with the results...

Until those squirrel jerks came and ate most of my flowers.  

As you can see, the bottom pots look like they have been massacured, which they have.  Those squirrel jerks have chewed holes in the fencing we put in this spring to keep the cats in.  I have had my revenge, however.  I got online yesterday and found a few "home remedies" which I have been experimenting with.  The first site said that squirrels hate animal smells or strong food smells, so I poured garlic salt and pepper flakes all over the soil so they wouldn't dig the plants up, or if they did, their paws  would smell like sh**.  I then found a site which recommended hot sauce.  I made my own little mixture of Tabasco, dish soap and water and sprayed it all over the plants.   Now, I know this sounds extreme and the plants may end up dying in the end from all the chaos, but today, we remained squirrel free.  And the squirrels can't take that away from me!!!!  

Deep Thoughts

Don't wonder why people go crazy; wonder why they don't.  

Just another deep thought after working a double shift last night and being unable to fall asleep tonight.  Oh the joys of health care and shift work.  Keep on, keeping on......

Lazy Days

So I guess baby showers wear you out, because Sunday night, I just had to take a nap with one of my best kittens, Milo.  He was tired too.  After all, he was locked in a bedroom all afternoon.  Poor busty and poor mommy!

CJ and Trinny had their own agenda's to take care of.  If you look carefully, Trinny has her arms stretched straight above her head.  I guess everyone has to rest in their own special way.  

Thanks again team for a great shower and a fun Sunday afternoon!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Baby. Shower.

Happy shower, baby R.  

On Sunday, we had a baby shower for Katie, Trav, and Baby R.  We had a great time and even had a rousing game of charades.  This is Mama Bird working out a charade for her team.
Um, this is Pete working on some of his own "issues" at the shower.  He and Em have a baby due in just a few short weeks, so I hope he can work through this before then.  

I think Trav was wondering how he was supposed to fit in this little tub.  I personally thought it would make an awesome sled, so if the baby doesn't need that little tub, might I borrow it next winter??

Over all, we had a great time and a beautiful day for a shower.  We can't wait to meet all of the new little ones coming our way in the next year.