Thursday, July 9, 2009

Goodbye Ridgewood

Well, after 6 years in the condo for CJ, and 5 years in the condo for me, it was time to make a break to bigger and better digs.  Mostly just bigger digs.  We had been looking for 2 years, me more me than CJ, and had seen a house a couple of years ago that we loved.  The house was out of our price range then, but with the financial times, we finally were able to own it.  This meant getting the condo ready to rent, as the market was not favorable enough to sell at this time.  We enlisted the help of my parents to help get things touched up before the new renters moved in.  Here is Piglet, doing the edging.  She said she was really good, but mostly she took breaks!

My dad insisted on climbing up on the ledge to finish the ceiling.  We have determined that he is a perfectionist and will not quit until the job is done.  Guess that is why he is great at what he does.  
And finally, this is the last shot of the condo before we did the final move out.  We love the new place, but are missing the bustle of the uptown area a bit.  Pix of the new place are to come, so keep coming back for more.  

PS.  Good news...  We have new renters that just moved into the condo as of July 3rd.  Some of the stress is now relieved and we are ready to settle into the new place!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Prom of your Dreams 2009

In May, we held our annual Christmas/Work party.  We decided to have a "Prom Of Your Dreams" party and it turned out awesome.  CJ and I were on the party planning committee and we had a great time.  Here I am with a couple of my favorite work peeps with their 80's prom attire.  Mine is actually a real throw back from my prom 1995.  

Here are CJ and I posing for our authentic prom photo.  I appear to be straddling the first 0 in 2009.  Just more evidence that a great time was had by us.  

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Godfather

In April, Chris and I took at trip to Miami.  Chris was asked by his "besties" to be the "Godfather" for their son, Alejandro.  Below is the view from our hotel on South Beach.

One night, Chris and I and Terry and Jorge hit the clubs.  Here is Chris and I sitting on an outdoor bed.  It was about 11 seconds before the waitress came over to tell us the bed minimum was $250.  Yep, we got up really quick and headed to a cheaper place to have a drink.

And finally, here is a pix of CJ with his new godson, Alejandro.  The party afterwards was great with authentic Cuban food.  We had a blast and I am already thinking about our next trip to Miami.  PS.  This is the way CJ thinks all kids should be held.  It's obvious to the "parent"  that he has no child of his own.