Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Missing Florida!

Well, we've been home almost 2 weeks and I'm still having dreams of Florida.  I'm missing the warm weather and laughing with the girls.  Maybe we will have to book again next year.  One of the coolest things we saw in Florida was a group of friends who were fishing and accidently caught a stingray.  We were nervous about what would become of him, but he was lovingly returned to the ocean and swam away.  

Here we are on the second to last night when we drove down to Captiva Island and watched the sunset.  My mom had a lot of technical difficulties when it came to getting the actual sun in the picture with myself and my grandma.  Maybe next trip.

Trinny Baby

I haven't blogged in awhile, so I thought I would do two posts in one night.  Chris just went to work to do the night shift and I am home watching TV and playing on my laptop.  This is a great photo of our most recent adoptee-Trinny Baby!  Chris and I recently fenced in our porch so that the cats could go outside and be less policed.  The only problem is, now that Trinny has gotten a taste of freedom, she won't stop meowing to go outside.  It was first.  After 40 minutes straight though, it loses it's cuteness.  There is a squirrel family living above our porch and I know she's praying that the squirrel will fall and she can have a snack.  I'm praying he doesn't fall because I bet he has really small veins to start an IV on. 

Monday, April 14, 2008

Found on the beach!!

Here we are on Sanibel Island in Florida.  We are having a great time.  It's nice to have my toes in the sand again!  Here are the bags that Sadie made for myself, my grandma and my mom.  They have been full of suntan lotion and magazines.  They are resting by the pool, where we have been everyday so far.  

Have you seen our mother?

Looks like Trinny and Milo miss their Mommy!  

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Waiting for Spring

As you can see, we are sick of the cold weather and are ready for open windows and lazy afternoons on the porch.  This idea of snow in April is a sick one!  Oh well, I am off to Florida this weekend for a "Girls Trip" with my mom and grandma!  Bring on the old people and the speedo's!!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Welcome to The Ridgewood Ragdoll

Well kids, the Ridgewood Ragdoll is now up and running.  We are thrilled to finally let people into our boring, but furry existence.  So get your lint rollers ready and come on in!  Megan and Chris just update the blog, but the real stars of the show are (from left to right) Milo Matthew, Trinny baby, and Mercer Mayer!!  Be advised that Mercer, Milo and Trinny are not enthusiasts of typing, but they do like to dictate.  More to come soon.  We are currently in the middle of a plumbing project that is NOT going well.